Most people only consider colour options when they're having their car spray painted, but you should also take the time to compare water-based paint against solvent-based paint. Put simply, water-based paint uses water as its liquifying agent, while solvent-based paints use chemical solvents. This might seem like a small difference, but the type you choose can make a big impact. For most drivers, it's going to be water-based paint that makes the most sense.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. More Eco-Friendly

If you go for a water-based car paint, you'll be following worldwide trends. Many countries have been moving away from solvent-based paints since they contain toxic chemicals. However, water-based paints do not use any solvents, so they are far better for the environment. They're also safer to work with since the fine mist produced by car spraying can be hazardous when it contains solvents. If you want to reduce your environmental impact, it makes sense to opt for a water-based car paint.

2. Smoother Finish

Water-based car paints can be applied in much thinner layers than solvent-based car paints, and that produces very attractive results. Using multiple thin layers helps provide a smooth and vibrant finish. Additionally, bubbles aren't going to develop since water-based paints will not produce any gases. Solvent-based paints do sometimes produce gases, and these can get stuck beneath the paint to form bubbles.

3. More Long-Lasting Appearance

People often assume that eco-friendly paints won't be as durable as others, but this isn't the case when it comes to water-based car paint. Solvent-based paints tend to look glossier when first applied, but they become dull over time. Since water-based car paints are not as porous, they will retain their shine for years to come. That means the way your car looks when it has just been sprayed with water-based paint should be how it looks when you come to sell it.

4. Wider Range of Options

If you've had a car spray painted before, you may have heard that water-based paints don't have many colour options. This was once true, but the days of limited water-based colours have passed. This is mostly because so many areas are moving away from solvent-based paints, which has forced manufacturers to develop more colours of water-based paint. As such, you can expect to find an option that perfectly fits your own sense of style. In fact, you'll now generally find there are more options than with solvent-based paint.

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