Now that summer has passed in Australia, the temperature is ideal to head out into the garage on the weekend and work on a classic car restoration project. One of the most satisfying parts of restoring a car is applying a new coat of paint to bring the vehicle back to its beautiful former glory. But before the application of new paint, the removal of the old paint is necessary. Sandblasting is one way to remove the old paint from a vehicle, and there are pros and cons for using this process. So, as a first-time classic car restorer, these are the points you need to know about sandblasting a restoration project classic car. 

Pros Of Sandblasting A Classic Car

The biggest benefit of using sandblasting as a way to remove paint is that it removes all other contaminants on the surface of the car. This means oil, grease and dirt are all removed from the car at the same time as the paint. This saves the effort of having to clean the car before stripping the paint away. Secondly, sandblasting is a fast way to remove rust from the car. This is beneficial because rust is a hidden problem in many old vehicles that have had decades of exposure to weather elements. You must remove all rust and then restore the body panel to a solid-state before application of new paint, so quick rust removal solves one half of this issue.

Cons Of Sandblasting A Classic Car

To make a balanced decision, you need to consider the cons of sandblasting a car too. The biggest downside of sandblasting is that it is very abrasive. While the quick removal of rust is a positive of this process, it becomes negative if the vehicle is particularly rusty. The abrasive sand rips away any part of the car which is vulnerable, so small spots of rust are removed simultaneously with large rust areas. This may leave you with more body panel repairs than expected. Secondly, it is important to make allowances for generated heat while you sandblast. This means you must take relevant safety precautions while sandblasting. Additionally, you must be careful not to overheat the body panels as this would cause shape warping.

If you need further advice deciding whether sandblasting your classic car is an option for you, have a chat with the professionals at your local auto body and paint shop to get advice specific to the vehicle you are working on.