It is one thing to deal with a single stubborn engine part and a different thing to deal with several stubborn components. Unfortunately, most car owners don't know where to draw the line and end up spending money on repairs and replacement that does not last long. If you have a particularly old car and the engine is constantly breaking down, you need to give engine rebuild a try. Professional engine rebuilders have the tools and expertise to rebuild your engine, thus extending the service life of your car by a few more years. However, there are different engine rebuilding kits and understanding each is key to ensuring you get the right one for your rebuilding needs. Read on.

Re-Ring Engine Rebuild kits

The first type of rebuild kit that engine rebuilders use is the re-ring engine rebuild kit. It is the smallest of all rebuilding kits; hence, the least time-consuming. The reason is that the re-ring engine rebuild kit is only used when the pistons of your original engine are in good working conditions. A re-ring engine rebuilding kit comprises of cylinder liners, a cylinder head gasket set, piston rings, main bearings and an oil pan gasket set. Most importantly, a re-ring rebuild kit doesn't include pistons. Therefore, your engine rebuilder must first evaluate the condition of the pistons before they decide to use the re-ring rebuild kit. Even though the pistons on the old engine may work well, engine rebuilders always ensure they replace the rings with those provided in the rebuild kit.

Inframe Engine Rebuild Kits

Unlike the re-ring rebuild kit, rebuilding an engine with an inframe kit takes relatively longer because the latter contains more parts than the former. It means the engine rebuilder will use an inframe kit when most components are damaged or entirely worn. An inframe rebuild kit includes pistons and piston parts such as rings and pins, cylinder liners, seals and other parts found in a re-ring rebuild kit. According to engine rebuilders, an inframe rebuilding kit is the most popular for a good reason. It contains most of the essentials components a rebuilder needs to rebuild most engines. Ultimately, the main advantage with the inframe kit is that the engine rebuilder can install parts when while the engine is still in its frame.

Overhaul Engine Rebuild Kit

An overhaul kit, commonly referred to as an out-of-frame kit, is the exact opposite of an inframe kit. In this case, the engine rebuilder has to remove the engine out of its frame and disassemble it. The rebuild process with an overhaul kit might involve engine block re-facing to smoothen out rusted surfaces or re-boring to adjust clearances. Overhaul kits come with everything the engine rebuilder needs to perform a complete overhaul of the engine. That is why it is considered the best rebuild kit for engines where most of the parts are completely worn out, which makes it the most expensive of the three.

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