Do you need someone to fix your damaged auto body after getting involved in a car accident? There are many panel beaters out there. Unfortunately, finding one that's right for your auto body repair job can be downright overwhelming. 

The following guide will provide the information you need to single out the best panel beater out of the numerous options on the smash repairs market.


The quality of auto body repair work typically varies along with the cost of service. Before accepting any quote from a panel beater, make sure you check if they offer some sort of guarantee of repairs.

The best panel beaters don't shy away from providing lifetime warranties on their services, while others only offer a limited warranty on their services. Once you've understood what your preferred panel beater's warranty covers, make sure you get it in writing along with the quote you'll receive. 

If a panel beater doesn't offer you any sort of warranty on their services, this can speak volumes about the quality of service they can provide.


When you take your car to an auto body repair shop for smash repair service, you'll want to pick it up as soon as possible. Reputable panel beaters know this all too well and they'll strive to fix your car within the shortest time possible. 

Although the repair time may vary depending on the extent of damage on your car, you should expect a reasonable waiting period before your vehicle is ready to be picked up. It is a good idea to review what past customers have to say about prospective panel beaters to see if they deliver on their promises.


As experts in their line of work, good panel beaters should be able to accurately estimate the cost of your auto body repair work and give you a detailed quote. If you need any clarifications, they should be able to provide you with detailed explanations about each of the items included in your quote. 

When reviewing your quote, you should be able to see how the total cost has been arrived at. For instance, the total figure should be split into various costs such as the cost of labour, cost of replacement parts, cost of fresh paint, and the cost of everything else needed for the smash repair job. This sort of transparency is an indication of honest and trustworthy peugeot panel beaters.

Put your ride in the right hands by reviewing the above-discussed points.