Paintless dent repair can often be performed on cars that have suffered slight dents and dings, as many new car manufacturers today use paints that are meant to be very flexible. This is so that the paint will bend and stretch when the car body is hit, rather than immediately flaking or chipping away. 

However, before you decide on the best way to fix your car after a collision, note a few common misconceptions about paintless dent repair. Be sure to discuss these with someone at your local smash shop, so you know your car is properly repaired and always looks its best.

Insurance and paintless dent repair

Don't assume that you need insurance for a shop to perform any type of repair on your car after a collision, especially not for paintless dent repair. If you're worried about an insurance carrier raising your rates or have let your insurance lapse for some reason, it's still good to call a smash shop and find out your options and costs for having your car repaired. You might be surprised at how affordable it can be for your vehicle and find that you can easily pay the cost out of your own pocket.

Extent of damage

Even if a dent or ding in the car's body seems minor, this doesn't mean that paintless dent repair will work to fix it. If paint has been broken or chipped, or the dent has reached the metal of the car's frame, the area may need sanding, filling, and then repainting. Your mechanic can note the level of damage and whether or not paintless dent repair would be sufficient.


There are paintless dent repair kits that you can buy and use on your own car, but this type of repair is not always a DIY job. As said above, it's not necessarily the size of the dent that determines if you can use a paintless dent repair technique, but how deep that dent goes into the car body. You might even cause damage to the car by trying to bump out a dent that is very deep, and not filling in a dent properly can allow moisture and air to reach the car frame; in turn, rust will form. When your car has suffered any type of collision, it's always best to take it to a smash shop, at least for an examination and estimate, so you know it's safe to drive and will wind up looking like new once those repairs are completed.