If your car has suffered a slight scratch, you might be able to buff it away or apply a bit of touch-up paint, and the car will look like new again. However, for actual smash repairs, it's best to leave your vehicle in the hands of a professional. Note why this is, and why a car owner should never assume that they can manage their own smash repairs no matter the extent of the damage to their vehicle.

Paint match

Gone are the days when cars were painted just a small selection of shades; today's cars often have a custom colour or tone made for a particular make and model, and trying to match that shade with the touch-up paint you get from a supply store can be impossible. Even with the best of repair work, you may then wind up with a car body that has obvious paint smears and uneven patches. A smash shop will usually have access to a wider range of colours, as well as computerized paint matching technology and the ability to mix paints that duplicate your car's exact colour.


Bonding over a dented area of the car protects the metal frame from moisture and air, both of which lead to rust and corrosion. If you don't use the right bonding product or don't apply it correctly, there might be holes or other areas for air and moisture to get past that material, and your car's frame could then suffer future damage. A smash shop will ensure all current rust that's formed is removed and that a dent or ding is bumped out of bonded properly, to protect your car.


You may not think that your car's body is connected to your safety when driving, but the overall structure of the car's frame is vitally important; the airbags deploy when they sense vibrations from a collision along the frame, as one example. The car's frame also absorbs impact of a collision so you're less likely to suffer from whiplash. A strong frame is also needed to stop another vehicle from moving forward after it hits you, so that you don't suffer a literal, physical impact in your car's cab.

To ensure your vehicle's frame is strong and secure, it's best to have smash repairs done by a professional. They will know how to properly bump out and bond that frame after an accident, so it will protect you in the event of a future collision.